Hi. I’m Stephen.
Welcome to my website.

The purpose of this site is to share my IT journey, as well as to help others with theirs. I also want to give some examples of what I have learned/worked on in my time in the field, such as projects, homelab ideas and just things i enjoy doing. You can contact me on my socials through the links below. Let’s learn together!

About Me

A few years after enrolling the Cyber Security program at my local college I started my career in IT and never looked back. My first job was installing physical networks and security systems, which is how I learned networking from Layer 1.

Shortly after I landed a position in helpdesk for a local city govt. where I learned how to troubleshoot issues and work in a fast paced environment.

From there I moved up to Systems Administrator and then Sr. I then broke into the world of Security after getting a job as Lead information Security Engineer and boy has it been amazing. I’ve learned how to “think like a manager” and apply risk management concepts in the real world.

I’m proud to have multiple Industry certifications such as CISSP, Security+, Network+ and A+ and look to obtain more in the coming years.

View My Work

Feel free to check out various resources; such as my projects, resume, my personal Github page and my interests!


Here are some of the personal projects I have worked on over the past years in my homelab and elsewhere.


Check out my resume here!


Link to my personal GitHub page, including various bash scripts related to pentesting.


Here are some of the things I enjoy doing when i’m not staring at a terminal window!

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